Mar 26 / The Collaborwocky Team

Collaborwocky Ep005 - Victory Conditions

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In this episode, the hosts discuss victory conditions and homeschooling. Thushyanthan shares a personal experience related to teaching his twins. His wife was concerned about their progress in phonics and writing.

Inspired by a lesson on victory conditions, they decided to make expectations explicit. They visualized and verbalized the satisfaction criteria for teaching their children. The flexibility allowed them to adapt to each child’s learning style.

The hosts emphasize the importance of understanding future states and creating structures to achieve victory conditions. They also highlight the strong bond between homeschooling parents and their children. Trust, care, and rapport play a crucial role in creating a healthy integration of work and home life.

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The Team

  • Jim Benson: Founder of Modus Institute and co-author of Personal Kanban and the NEW Course, Toxic Waste.
  • Tonianne DeMaria: Co-founder of Modus Institute, co-author of Personal Kanban, and an expert in the psychology and neuroscience behind work.
  • Dave Prior: Certified Scrum Trainer and a faculty member at Modus Institute.
  • Mark Kilby: Co-author of the book, From Chaos to Successful Distributed Agile Teams, and a co-instructor for the new Successful Distributed Teams course on Modus Institute.
  • Thushyanthan A.: An education industry professional and a Modus Institute faculty member with a love for documentation.