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Toxic Waste

The Toxic Office. 

Sometimes it's culture, sometimes it's fear, sometimes it's a person, sometimes it's the system.

There are many ways for toxicity to creep into our work lives, but few ways to make it go away.

This is an ongoing live course with Jim Benson. Watch videos, come to regular meetings and discuss what you've seen and what you've experienced.

Use this class to deal with your real issues or to make sure that you, as a leader, won't make very common mistakes that destroy careers, projects, and results. 

Enroll to be invited into our monthly Toxic Waste calls, where we deal with these issues head-on with a global team.
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Clean The Office Environment

What Makes
a Culture Toxic?

Hostile working environments create toxic waste. Sometimes this starts with one person or a few people, acting unprofessionally. But all our reactions (workarounds) to unclear work, poorly planned deadlines, or unreasonable expectations can escalate that toxic waste.  

Toxicity is
Usually a System

We see toxicity and often feel we can't change it. Siloed teams, centralized decision making, unavailable resources always feel out of our zone of control. We react to this by trying to force the system to let us do our job, then we become toxic ourselves. 

There is a Silver Lining
in the Toxic Cloud.

Understanding how and why we add to Toxic Waste means we can clean a lot of it, we can more intelligently manage bad actors, and we can build systems that will stop Toxic Waste in its tracks.

Toxic Systems are Always Systems | Don't Reward Bad Behavior | Create Systems Where Toxicity is Immediately Rejected

Toxic Behavior Scales

Almost all reactions to toxic behavior are, themselves, toxic.

Your Culture is Your Product

If you live in toxicity, you produce toxicity.

Create Real Humane Systems

Don't treat toxicity as an individual failing, own it and fix it as a team.

Have Honest Retrospectives

Your Retro is only as useful as your ability to find ways to improve, together.
Meet the instructor

Jim Benson

Jim Benson is a renowned productivity expert and co-creator of Personal Kanban, an influential time management and workflow visualization method. With a passion for optimizing individual and team productivity, Jim's innovative approach to organizing tasks has empowered countless professionals to achieve greater efficiency, clarity, and work-life balance. Through his writings, workshops, and speaking engagements, he has become a leading voice in the realm of personal and collaborative productivity. Jim's profound impact on the way we approach work and manage our daily lives has earned him widespread recognition as a pioneer in the field of productivity and time management.
Patrick Jones - Course author