See Your Work and Thrive


Take the chaos and overload, see it clearly, manage it like a "pro", but grow like a professional.

Turn your chaos into options, your overload into controlled work, and your trash can into a learning tool.

See your work, plan better, execute with confidence.
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The award-winning method to see your work, focus on what is important, and finish in a way you are proud of. Used solo, in teams, and with whole companies, Personal Kanban has been simplifying and de-stressing the workplace for nearly 20 years.


Pesky Universal Truths.
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I can't control my work. Everyone "asks" me to do everything. 


I am overloaded so much that I can't even describe my own overload!


No one on my team knows what I'm doing and I don't know what they are doing either.


My problems are even more recurring than my work. No one will invest time to fix things.

Personal Kanban Solves All of These.


The Root Causes of Our Universal Turmoil


If you can't see your work (even if it is hidden on a kanban) you cannot control it. It will, however, control you.


As long as you don't limit the work you are doing, you will have infinite work to do.


Human beings tend to take on more work than they can handle and then work increases as they are constantly catching up.


Those meetings you hate? Most of them are caused by trying to catch up, deal with failure, or re-plan because everyone is doing too much and can't see what they are doing.

The MI Solution


Visualize Work

Work seen is work understood.  Personal Kanban visualizes the options, the work in flight, the quality, who you are working with, and what has been completed

Work Smarter

Choose the right tasks at the right time. Complete things with focus. Finish with confidence. Ensure you can collaborate effectively. End the day proud of your work and satisfied that it was worthwhile.

Learn, Improve, Grow

See what went right, what needed some help, and what was a nightmare. Get real information to fix things quickly and not let them sit around and fester.

The Personal Kanban System

Take the chaos and overload, see it clearly, manage it like a "pro", but grow like a professional.

Turn your chaos into options, your overload into controlled work, and your trash can into a learning tool.

Visualize the Chaos

We start by showing ways to organize and prioritize work. Personal Kanban makes the work visual, finding ways to communicate work better with you and those you work with. 

See the Flow

Work doesn't fit, it flows. Poorly designed schedules often create stress and opportunities for failure (dropped balls, work left incomplete, emergency meetings). Seeing how much you can complete means seeing how much you can commit to safely. And it can let others see that too, making future schedules more realistic.

Real Organization, Real Management

No more managing through wishful thinking and empty promises. Actually map out the work to be done and then, as a team, do the work in a sane, rational, and visual way. People stay aligned longer, fewer status meetings, more collaboration, and effective creation. 

No More Fire and Forget

When work is complete, we can see how it went and find quick ways to make the next working experience better. Then when it is better, we can make it even better than that
Personal Kanban helped me raise two daughters and have a meaningful career. PK guided them through high school, college, and into their careers. We are truly a PK family.

Why You Care

Whether you are you, or whether you are a boss or team lead or coach or generally interested third party ... you care because ...

Better Decisions.

People who are confused or underinformed make unsatisfactory decisions. PK Provides the reasons, the methods, and the context of our work, leading to better choices.

Know How You Work.

Seeing your work flow through the Personal Kanban shows you and your team what work flows well, what gets stuck, and how to fix it. 

Better Completion.

Overloaded people and teams slow down, deliver less, and struggle with quality. PK allows people to focus and finish with quality.

Get Credit and
Give Yourself Credit.

When you see and remember what you have completed, you give yourself credit and plan better in the future.

Plan For Real.

Without seeing the work in stickies (real or virtual) people will naturally overpromise and under deliver. By making the work visual (it takes up space) we are prompted to select and plan for a more realistic amount of work.  

Work Closely, Even When Apart.

Remote teams use Personal Kanban on-line every day through hundreds of different apps to communicate expectations, plans, and improvement.
Meet the instructorS

Jim and Tonianne

Jim and Toni wrote the Shingo-award winning book Personal Kanban and have traveled to every continent (except Antarctica) teaching Personal Kanban and helping individuals and teams see their work, choose the right amount to do at a time, and complete with confidence.

For 15 years, they have worked with individuals, startups, agencies, all the way up to Fortune 10 companies and the United Nations... helping people who want to calm bureaucracy, focus on the right work, and collaborate meet their goals.

Patrick Jones - Course author

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