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Personal Kanban

The official Personal Kanban class, based on the Shingo award-winning book.

Master the art of productivity where you'll learn - from PK's creators - how to visualize, prioritize, track, share, and complete your work to achieve unparalleled efficiency and fulfillment in your daily life.

The Basics of Control with Personal Kanban

Step 1:
the Work

Take all the things you have to do, that you currently store in lists, notebooks, and your brain, and write them on stickies. Make them visible. These become your Options Column. (The stuff you can or should do).

Step 2:
What You are Doing

Stop doing everything at once and always rushing to finish. Focus and finish by Limiting your Work-in-Progress. Three things or less. Get them done right the first time.

Step 3:
from What You've Done

can. Don’t cross out to-dos or make doomed paper airplanes from your lists, remember what you did, review it, and improve your work. Show others and yourself what you actually accomplished.

See Your Work | Limit your Work In Progress | Complete with Confidence

Unique Opportunity to Study Personal Kanban in Asia, Australia, and Africa

Based in Sydney, Sally Sloley has been using and training Personal Kanban for 12 years. She was one of the first students Jim and Toni taught and has been applying it to help individuals and teams succeed ever since.

Join Sally for six sessions and get lifetime access of the MI Personal Kanban class and global community. These classes are designed not just to talk about Personal Kanban, but how you, personally, can best apply it.

Promise What You Can Deliver

Seeing your work and managing it visually lets you focus on the right thing at the right time.

Tame Overload

See your work, understand your commitments, finish effectively. 

Plan Better - Together

When others see your work, you can plan with better information and more effectively.

Have Real Retrospectives

Your Retro is only as useful as your memory of what happened, why it happened, and who it impacted.

What's included?

  • 7 Chapters
  • 1 Certification
  • 17 Retrospectives
  • 40 Videos

The Right Work at the Right Time 

You can better manage what you can see. Personal Kanban show you and others your work, your capacity, how you can help, and when you can use some. 

Communicate Visually &

Avoid overload, miscommunication, and make promises you can keep by seeing your work and being able to show it, as a picture, to others.
Meet the instructorS

Jim and Tonianne

Jim and Toni wrote the Shingo-award winning book Personal Kanban and have traveled to every continent (except Antarctica) teaching Personal Kanban and helping individuals and teams see their work, choose the right amount to do at a time, and complete with confidence.

For 15 years, they have worked with individuals, startups, agencies, all the way up to Fortune 10 companies and the United Nations... helping people who want to calm bureaucracy, focus on the right work, and collaborate meet their goals.

Patrick Jones - Course author