Feb 27 / The Collaborwocky Team

Collaborwocky Ep002 - From MIT to MIM

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Prioritizing Your Day for Maximum Impact

In the second episode of Collaborwocky, our hosts delve into the art of prioritization and energy management. Here are the key takeaways:

The Most Important Thing (MIT)

  • Dave Prior shares his journey from having three daily priorities to focusing on just one critical task. The goal is to ensure that regardless of other distractions, this essential activity gets done.
  • Tonianne emphasizes breaking down large tasks into smaller, manageable chunks using techniques like Pomodoro. This approach helps maintain momentum and provides a sense of accomplishment.
  • Jim Benson introduces the concept of MIMP (Most Impactful) – a personalized approach to balancing various responsibilities throughout the week. It ensures no critical balls are dropped.
  • The team discusses the importance of self-awareness and flexibility in adapting to changing contexts.

Energy Management

  • Tonianne highlights the fear associated with tackling big tasks. Breaking them down into smaller segments using Pomodoro helps overcome this fear and maintains motivation.
  • Dave acknowledges that some days, priorities shift unexpectedly due to external factors. Being adaptable is crucial.
  • Jim shares his detailed personal Kanban system, which includes areas of impact he must satisfy each week. It ensures he doesn’t neglect any critical responsibilities.
  • The team agrees that serendipity, innovation, and learning thrive when we don’t rigidly adhere to plans.

Creativity and Completion

  • Jim discusses how he balances work, music, and other passions. While he doesn’t explicitly track creative activities, he ensures they remain enjoyable and not forced.
  • The team acknowledges that creativity and completion go hand in hand. Celebrating small wins creates a positive cycle of momentum.
Remember, prioritization isn’t about rigid rules but about finding what works best for you. Adapt, experiment, and optimize your day for maximum impact! Tune in to Collaborwocky for more insights and discussions.

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The Team

  • Jim Benson: Founder of Modus Institute and co-author of Personal Kanban and the NEW Course, Toxic Waste.
  • Tonianne DeMaria: Co-founder of Modus Institute, co-author of Personal Kanban, and an expert in the psychology and neuroscience behind work.
  • Dave Prior: Certified Scrum Trainer and a faculty member at Modus Institute.
  • Mark Kilby: Co-author of the book, From Chaos to Successful Distributed Agile Teams, and a co-instructor for the new Successful Distributed Teams course on Modus Institute.
  • Thushyanthan A.: An education industry professional and a Modus Institute faculty member with a love for documentation.