Limited Offer - One time workshop

Build the Best

Distributed Healthy Teams

Stay informed, plan better, end isolation, learn like rock stars, and get work done with confidence.
Build the team you want to be a part of and keep it that way.

A Four Hour Workshop to Make Things Easier

Just the Workshop

A four hour workshop with
Jim Benson and Mark Kilby. 

Learn about better ways to communicate, to share learning, to stay informed,
and to complete work.

Then workshop the real issues your team
is experiencing right now.

One hour of learning
Three hours of workshop

Workshop + Templates

You get the workshop (obviously) plus
Miro and Mural templates

for key activities and techniques
to keep your team aligned and focused.

Super helpful for implementation.

Templates include value stream mapping, lean coffees, distributed team kanbans, charters, roadmaps, and more.

Workshop + Templates + Books!

Mark and Jim have been working with teams for a long time. This option has the initial workshop, the templates, and copies of both Personal Kanban and From Chaos to Successful Distributed Agile Teams.

Together, these two books provide a strong foundation for understanding your work, getting alignment, and maintaining connection even when you are spread out.

Deepest Dive

Serious about your Distributed Team? Then take the whole class on Modus Institute. Join and global network of students working together to build the best teams, produce the best product, and end each day with high professional satisfaction.
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