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Cutting edge startup tools, techniques, and training (virtual, at own pace, and live).

There is no excuse for losing control of the work, the experiments, or the goal. Visualize and make it work.

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Courses from Week 1: Execute Perfectly

Here is where you can go deep into lifesaving techniques to keep your startup, your vision, and your success on track.

Courses from Week 2: See the Road

Four classes designed to make sure that your team stays focused, aligned, and energized to crush it.

Courses from Week 3: Rewards Require Response

Four classes aimed at solving problems, seizing opportunities, and growing quickly and effectively.

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All the Courses at Modus Institute

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Flexible, Self-Paced Learning
"You all helped me connect with what I love to do in a way that really increased the value to my partners...THANK YOU." Kristina D.

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  • Are you struggling to keep up with your WIP?
  • Do you find yourself lacking a clear understanding of your work and how to get things done? Or do your tools get in the way?
  • Are you looking for a way to learn at your own pace, on your own schedule, without sacrificing quality?
  • Are you tired of attending in-person training sessions that are inflexible and don't fit your busy schedule?
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The Modus Institute Course Catalog gives you an overview of all of our courses. Feel free to share it with anyone as well as access to this page. We want to build our free community and build members for Agile Virgin. 

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Here's What Modus Grads Say About Our Courses:

Gev s.  LAVM alum
The Modus Institute Certification and Accreditation courses were one of the best choices professionally I’ve ever made. Not only did I learn a ton, adopting LAVM practices is a way of life easy to embrace… Beautiful, really, in its way. Plus, the PEOPLE I met! Modus Institute community rocks!

Linda F. Personal Kanban

 "This is a life-changing class!

One of the best classes I've ever
taken in my career!"
Kate G. Finding Solutions
Working with people to identify and solve problems. I love the commonsense ideas and tools in this course, as well as the supportive social platform that comes with it. Engaging with others in the course through chat and virtual meetings make it all more meaningful.
Jason p.  Meetings that work
"Your 'Lean Coffee' meeting format? It's been a GAME-CHANGER for my team! " - 
 Stephanie S.  VSM
Since our training we now value stream map EVERYTHING! We love it!" -
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