An open introduction to seeing your work and making things better

Personal Kanban 101

A free introduction to Personal Kanban.  (Find the full class here.)

A System of Professional Problem Solving

Module 1:
Why Don't We Just Solve Problems?

We don't solve problems because we don't have systems in place to do so. This means that every problem works counter to your team's goals, instead of just being an opportunity to learn and improve.

Module 2:
How do We Learn to See Problems?

Problem spotting and solving isn't normal behavior, therefore you and your team have no background in spotting problems or being honest about them when they arise. This means we delay talking about them, all the while they are getting worse.

Module 3:
Tools and Actions

When we get to solving the problem itself, this system lays out clear steps of seeing the problem, socializing it, gathering ideas, exploring ideas, and then finding a right solution.

Spot Problems | Create Many Options | Work Together | Find the Right Solutions

Don't Hide from Problems

Don't let schedule or other fears stop you from dealing with real work head on.

Collaborate and Solve

Gather your team, solve problems quickly, avoid the crises before they start.

Improvement is Always a Solution

Every improvement is a problem to solve.

Have Real Retrospectives

Your Retro is only as useful as your ability to find ways to improve, together.

What's included?

  • 7 Chapters
  • 1 Certification
  • 17 Retrospectives
  • 40 Videos

The Right Work at the Right Time 

You can better manage what you can see. Personal Kanban show you and others your work, your capacity, how you can help, and when you can use some. 

Communicate Visually &

Avoid overload, miscommunication, and make promises you can keep by seeing your work and being able to show it, as a picture, to others.
Meet the instructorS

Jim and Tonianne

Jim and Toni wrote the Shingo-award winning book Personal Kanban and have traveled to every continent (except Antarctica) teaching Personal Kanban and helping individuals and teams see their work, choose the right amount to do at a time, and complete with confidence.

For 15 years, they have worked with individuals, startups, agencies, all the way up to Fortune 10 companies and the United Nations... helping people who want to calm bureaucracy, focus on the right work, and collaborate meet their goals.

Patrick Jones - Course author