we work in companies to be in the company of others

Meetings That Work

Meetings are pain, everyone says so.

But a meeting is just a group of people getting together to do something.

If you are getting together to waste time then... that is definitely something to hate.

But if you are getting together to make a decision, work out a problem, or build something ... now we are getting to meetings that work.

This small class helps you collaborate, create tangible results, and make the most of your time together.

A System of Professional Problem Solving

Why Do Meetings Suck?

We work in companies to be in the company of others. We need to collaborate, but we simply have no idea how to set up simply meetings to achieve a purpose. We are stuck having meetings where people talk themselves to death and don't remember a thing that was said.

How Do We Have Effective Meetings?

The only reason to have a meeting is to work with other people. We need to decide, cerate, or solve. This requires not only a goal, but a path to get to success. Think of each meeting as a game, that game has actions you take to win. It also takes a way to play the game...a gameboard.

Every Meeting Has A Structure.

When we get to the meeting, we need that game. We need a system lays out clear steps of stating the goal, gathering ideas, exploring ideas, and then building a way to success.

Stop "This could have been an e-mail." | Start "I'm glad we worked this out together."

Don't Hide from Problems

Your collaborative meetings should solve problems quickly and honestly.

Collaborate and Complete

Group working sessions create better work, faster.

Build it and Remember it.

Every meeting should have a product to refer back to. (No more poor memory playhouse).

Have Real Retrospectives

Your Retro is only as useful as your ability to find ways to improve, together.

What's included?

  • 2 Chapters
  • 1 Certification
  • 20 Tools
  • 17 Videos
  • 1 Major Headache Removed

Stop Wasting Time

We spend countless hours in meetings listening to other people yammer on. Structure meetings so they have a purpose, everyone is active, and you use the power of the brains in the room.

Visual & Effective

Your time together is important, don't waste it talking and remember it by vague minutes you'll only use as evidence. Work together, with a product that tells the story in a way everyone will remember.
Meet the instructorS

Jim and Tonianne

Jim and Toni wrote the Shingo-award winning book Personal Kanban and have traveled to every continent (except Antarctica) teaching Personal Kanban and helping individuals and teams see their work, choose the right amount to do at a time, and complete with confidence.

For 15 years, they have worked with individuals, startups, agencies, all the way up to Fortune 10 companies and the United Nations... helping people who want to calm bureaucracy, focus on the right work, and collaborate meet their goals.

Patrick Jones - Course author