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Upcoming Virtual Workshop Events

The Guided Personal Kanban Experience

Tame Your Overwhelm Like A Boss!
August 2024 - USA

Guided Personal Kanban

Join us for a 4-session, 4-week Guided Personal Kanban Experience.

Guided Personal Kanban

Taught by Tim Nolan and Thushyanthan A. Thursdays at 5p PT / 7p CT / 8p ET.
Taught By

Sally Sloley, LAVM

Sally is an Agile Coach currently working in Sydney, Australia. She specializes in helping companies incorporate lean and visual management practices in their system of work. She got her start as a web developer and since becoming an agile coach she has worked with a variety of companies, helping them bring order to their chaos. She also helps run agile conferences and speaks globally about her passion for all things agile.