See It and Understand: Visual Systems Bring Alignment Even in Tough Situations

Jan 26 / Jim Benson
Fighting is childish and counterproductive, but we all do it. We all entrench. We all protect ourselves. We all dismiss others arguments. And we sure hate it when others do that to us.

I was asked directly by one our community members at Modus Institute, how I deal with entrenchment personally? How do I get around when someone on a client site or that I'm dealing with personally gets stuck (or we get stuck together) in one way of thinking that stops all progress.
To answer this, I went back to my history in the 1980s and 90s as an AIDS activist working with the NAMES Project Memorial Quilt. How we were able to help end the AIDS pandemic against all odds by playing our part to visualize, humanize, and otherwise make real the impacts of HIV.

Each week (or so) on Modus Institute, I do a video for the community called the Weekly Jim. They are internal and part of the subscription. This one seemed special enough to share.

Please, take every opportunity to avoid anger, be pragmatic, and figure out how to enable the right conversations with the right people at the right time.

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