The Overload Board

Jun 23 / Jim Benson
It’s not all Post It Notes.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve had an onslaught of recurring tasks. My Personal Kanban was filling up with DONE tickets at such a rate that they were a big pile of productivity, but I had no idea what my days really looked like.

Time does matter.

How to See and Manage Overload

When we are overwhelmed or overloaded, we lose track of both time and detail. We lose sight of what we’ve done and what we’ve forgotten to do. 

I set up a quick board to track just DONE. Just the stuff completed, but to track them thematically, so I could see progress and get a good idea of how I was actually doing.

Some things just required knowing I had the touch (check marks), but others required specifics. Who was I talking to? What conversations did I have? How are these bewilderingly busy weeks playing out?

Seeing this done, helped me pull the right tickets into doing, It let me know where things were strong and what was being missed. More importantly, it let me know who was being missed. There are a lot of relationships hidden in those tickets. If there was no touch for Modus Institute for a day, that meant students were waiting for responses. Seeing that the work for the conference in Brazil started on the 9th, helped me remember to reach in and pull the second ticket for that work the next day.

This helped create a narrative of the work until things calm down (which will likely be in July).