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We are offering reduced rates for individuals and teams impacted by Covid-19.

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We all struggle with getting the right work done at the right time.

Ambiguous priorities. Interruptions. Lack of focus. Overload.

For individuals or teams, Modus Institute classes solve today's stickiest problems.

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Professional. Satisfaction.

Work is who we are. Work is what we do. Work is what we create. Work is life.

But you are here because work is difficult. 

You want you, your team, your company, to be more successful, more aligned, more adaptive. 

You want work to flow.

Disagreements, misalignment, dropped balls,

bottlenecks, silos, political frustration,

rework, overload, interruptions... 

All these interruptions lie in the maddening intersection of My Work / My Team’s Work / Other People’s Needs.  

The good news is these are all solvable problems.

But they aren’t solved by one methodology or a smart consultant.

They are solved by you better understanding

  • your own work,
  • what other people need,
  • and how we collaborate to get real, professional, work done.

Welcome to Modus Institute. We will teach you to create professional working environments where people and teams are satisfied, or even delighted, with the work they have put their time and effort into.

Deadlines can be met. Work can be calmed. Professionals can be proud of their work.

Modus Institute was founded by Jim Benson, the creator of Personal Kanban and co-author of the Shingo Award-winning book of the same name that sparked a global productivity movement.

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