Clarity | Control | Completion | Calm

We have a choice.

Either we control our work,
or our work will control us.

The challenges:
Hybrid work, lack of alignment, trying to collaborate while not overloading with meetings... 

The goals:
Completing quality work, Solving problems quickly, and ending our workday feeling professionally satisfied. Knowing we've done a good job.
It can all prove overwhelming.

But these conditions are all attainable.

Let us help you understand, control, and create better, more humane work systems.

Let us help you find your unique

Real World Solutions for Real Problems

We all need to work together, that's not always easy. At MI, that's where we focus.

Humanely Effective 

Every course has elements you can implement immediately. Every lesson builds competency, understanding, and value. 

Global Community

MI members from every vertical and industry around the globe discuss their issues and solutions. MI students find better ways of working together...together.

Act With Confidence

We want to be the best professionals we can, but we're stuck in systems that prevent us. Every course at MI is designed to increase clarity and foster confidence in individual contributors, entire teams, along with their leadership.

Over 1,000





direct conversations

Our Students on Impactstudents & our impact

The LAVM program has been a game-changer for me, both in my personal growth and in my role at work. I been able to successfully incorporate the invaluable VSM exercise and I've also witnessed its organic adoption across different departments. Most importantly, the program has provided me with the tools to better understand and articulate the crucial human and cultural aspects of our work, effectively banishing any imposter syndrome I once felt. Thank you, Modus Family; this journey of learning and transformation is just beginning.
Dan eberle
Just began my second year with my renewed subscription. The first year was transformational and highly supportive in terms of changing my team leadership, facilitation, and project management. Very Valuable.
Jeffrey white
The Personal Kanban class has been incredibly valuable.  It inspired me to create a different version of my first quarter business plans. I have a physical PK in my office and a couple of specialized workflows for multi-step processes. After watching the last few videos, I'm making several different 2x2 matrices to think more deeply about the projects I work on.  I'll be returning to this again and again.
anne herberger marino



Courses in the works...

Work Together, Get the Work Done, Destress

Real Techniques
Made For Now

Post Covid lockdown? Hybrid work? Shared work? Arbitrary days in and out of the office? Just trying to get a handle on your own work or trying to get the team to stay on track?

We focus on professionals collaborating for rapid, high quality completion. Practical classes for our unprecedented working world.
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