1, 8, and 15 May 2024 - 18:00 AEST - Sally Sloley

You can control the deluge. You can thrive.

Do the best work. | See your work. | Navigate Life. | End confusion. | Collaborate like a champ.

End overload for you and your team.

Finish work you are proud of faster
and with less stress.

Give management what they need
while getting what you need.
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Three workshops in three weeks designed to free you of frustration and get you started on your Lean / Agile journey.

Join Sally to learn how to visualize your work, see your workflow, and own what you do. Do the work you want to do, that you know you are capable of. Manage overload and reduce stress.

Never Doubt Your Work Again

Get Started with the Workshop, Power Up with the Community
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Level 1: Workshopper

A three part class with
Sally Sloley. 

Work with Sally and
from around Australia,
New Zealand, Asia
and Africa who are 
building stronger teams.

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Level 2. Implementer Power-Up

You get the workshop
Miro and Mural templates.

Key activities and techniques
to keep your team
aligned and focused.

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3. Architect Power-Up

1 and 2 plus:
A copy of 
Personal Kanban
(AUS, NZ and IND only)

An award-winning foundation
understand work,
gain alignment,
and maintain connection
even when spread out.

1, 8, and 15 May 2024 - 18:00 AEST - Sally Sloley

Modus Institute Stories

Solving Real Problems | Practical Growth | Realistic Collaboration | Community 

"Thank you so much, Modus Family. This course, and this friendship, has been (and continues to be) transformational for me both professionally and personally. Also, your influence, thinking and teachings have brought real transformation to a number of parts of [my company]."
dan eberle
(Several classes)
"Working with people to identify and solve problems. I love the commonsense ideas and tools in this course, as well as the supportive social platform that comes with it. Engaging with others in the course ... makes it all more meaningful."
Kate greene
(Finding Solutions Class)
“ I just received a glowing end-of-year review from my Director and wanted to share here with just the two of you as I attribute much of this learning (or the added conviction of these ideas and workflow approaches) to the inspiration I gained from LAVM - thanks again for creating and sharing such inspiring material with all of us!"
sarah chan 
(LAVM Certification)

Sally Sloley, LAVM

Sally is an Agile Coach currently working in Sydney, Australia. She specializes in helping companies incorporate lean and visual management practices in their system of work. She got her start as a web developer and since becoming an agile coach she has worked with a variety of companies, helping them bring order to their chaos. She also helps run agile conferences and speaks globally about her passion for all things agile.