Our Story

For over a decade, Jim Benson and Tonianne DeMaria have been working with clients, running events, speaking at conferences, and teaching about the intersection of individuals (people are important), teams (they work together to do great things), and process (an ugly looking word that means “how we work together.)

Personal Kanban, their first book, won a Shingo award for excellence in combining psychology, Lean, and the work of individuals and teams. The book has been a best-seller since it first appeared in 2011

Since then, we’ve worked together on every continent (except the one with pengiuns) and our ideas are used every day by professionals and companies everywhere (even the place with penguins!).

Our work has centered around one thought … people work better together. Quality is better, decisions are better, the experience of work is better…when done collaboratively.

But this is easier said than done. Overwork, politics, complexity, changing demands, life experiences, unreasonable expectations, over-work…the list of forces working against us is long.

That’s why we started Modus Institute. We have helped people around the world, but we’re just two people. We can’t help everyone we want to and, worse yet, it’s expensive to fly us around. We are, slowly but surely, distilling all we’ve learned, all we’ve created, and all we truly care about into the classes on the site.

If you subscribe, you not only get the videos, you get us. The Modus Institute community is part of our daily routine. We are talking to people from around the world in our chat rooms and they are talking to each other.

All with the same goal… to make work for all of us better for us, for our teams, for our families, and for the world as a whole.

Be well, work well,

Jim and Toni .