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Perfect for you or your team, learn cutting-edge unique personal, team, and project management in an intimate, on-line setting. Course sizes are intentionally small, conversations deep, instantly apply what you are learning, build lasting professional relationships with other students, and grow beyond the norm.
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Current Live Course Schedule

Live courses at Modus Institute you will not find anywhere else. 

Personal Kanban

Nov 1 - Dec 13, 2023
(weekly calls)

Tim Nolan | Mark Kilby | Dave Prior

Learn Personal Kanban from three long-time practitioners with three very different sets of experience. They see work from different angles and can help you to not only control your work, limit your WIP, and see your workflow... they can help you see it from different vantage points.

Psychology of Work

Jan 10 - July 10 2024
(Bi-weekly calls)

Tonianne DeMaria

Effective Change & the Brain

Toxic Waste

Feb 1 - June 30 2024
(Bi-weekly calls)

Jim Benson

How to recognize the causes of broken cultures, toxic management, and hostile working environments. 

Workshop what these mean to us as professionals and the people we work with, how to diagnose particular issues, and what to do about them.