Prioritization: The Right Work at the Right Time


Just tell me what to do! What do I do next? Is that the highest and best use of our time?

Can we make our schedule? Where should we invest our money?

Prioritization is at the heart of almost every bit of business and personal angst we experience.

It hurts. It's frustrating. It's often incorrect.

We are looking for certainty, predictability, and a clear depiction of the work we need to do.

The Modus Institute Prioritization Series addresses our need for this clarity and several tools to better achieve it.

Four Mini-Classes

We divide prioritization into four mini-classes:

Me: Prioritization for the Individual - What do I need to do to find the best thing to do next?

We: Prioritization for the Team (Daily) - How does the team take on the right work at the right time?

Be: Prioritization for the Project - How do we prioritize project elements to prioritize learning, create realistic schedules, and not overload the team?

The Royal We: Prioritization for the Portfolio - How can we prioritize a portfolio in a realistic, dynamic, and effective way?