A Brief Introduction to Personal Kanban

Personal Kanban has just two simple rules and a few basic components:

Rule 1: Visualize Your Work Because you can better manage what you can see.

Rule 2: Limit Your Work-In-Progress Because you can't do more work than you can handle.

Component 1: Options The work you might choose to do.

Component 2: Doing The work that is currently in flight (this work is intentionally limited to what you are capable of doing).

Component 3: Done The work you have completed.

Component 4: Tasks The actual work.

This video covers the 2 rules and the 4 basic components.


Ask yourself:

  • Where does your work come from?
  • What would life be like it you were not overloaded?
  • How would you work differently if you could see what your colleagues were doing?
  • What options do you feel you have when choosing what work to take on?


Create your first Personal Kanban and populate your Options and Doing Columns.

Modus One Sheet Personal Kanban Options.pdf