Strategy requires structure to thrive...

Own your strategy. | Think together. | Stay aligned.

Dubbed “Toyota’s Secret” by MIT’s Sloan Management Review, the A3 report is one of the most powerful tools for organizational effectiveness, creativity, and leadership in business. Use it to work with the full strength of your team’s collective intelligence.
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A process for thinking together

Get started with a quick webinar. Power up to the course. Take 1, 2, or 3 parts of the series.
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Level 1: Take the Intro Webinar

May 1 
A 60 min webinar
with Lex Schroeder.

Solve problems and seize opportunities with a strategy alignment process that can (more) fully invite and leverage the brains, perspectives, and creativity of your team.

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Level 2. Move to Practice

May 1 and May 15
The May 1 event plus a second 60 min workshop with tools to get started.

Take what you learned in the webinar and apply it. No tool creates an inclusive work environment, but some organizational processes are more inclusive by design.
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Level 3. Make it Real

May 1, 15, and TBD in June
Levels 1 and 2 recordings plus
a 3-hour workshop
followed by one-on-one coaching.

Experience the operational rigor and creative potential embedded in the A3 process. Create strategies and plans that allow for change and produce results.

Level 3 three hour workshop coming in June 2024 - Lex Schroeder

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Lex Schroeder

I help teams think together.
About me
I'm a strategy coach and writer/editor with deep roots in the systems thinking, entrepreneurship, and gender equity communities. I've led strategic communications, change, and/or lean and organizational effectiveness initiatives at Ryder System, Inc., Twitter, Harvard Innovation Labs, The Lean Enterprise Institute, The Berkana Institute, and more.

On the editorial side, I'm the Founding Editor of The Lean Post and editor of six books including Change Questions by D. Lynn Kelley with John Shook (Modus Press); Transforming Leader Paradigms by Jim Luckman and Olga Flory (Routledge); and Making Money Moves that Matter by Tuti B. Scott (Tides). For my work on gender equity, I've been featured in ELLE France, quoted in Fast Company, and selected by strategy + business magazine as one of 10 thought leaders to map the history of management and distill trends for the future of work.